La Maison International Fine Meat

La Maison International Fine Meat is natural fresh meat according to international standards and safe for public health.

Meat has pink red color, impressive softness and delicious taste.




La Maison International Fine Meat is imported from countries possessing advanced animal farming and leading meat processing technology like Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, etc...with remarkable characteristics as follows:

Famous breeds of pig, a cow on over the world,  providing high quality, high-class and very delicious meat.

Animal feed made from natural resources creates a natural taste for delicious meat.


Modern preserved technology helps maintain, keep and reconstitute meat quality, ensuring meat after reconstituting still natural fresh.
La Maison International Fine Meat satisfies all the international quality standards of fresh meat (Europe, US, Canada, Australia, etc...) and safety standards of food hygiene in accordance with the law of Vietnam. All products are registered quality declaration and strict quality control according to GMP & HACCP standards, so they ensure health and safety.





The imported meat products are sold wholesale and retail at La Maison chain of stores with professional, safe, convenient service quality, and always for customer’s benefits.
La Maison International Fine Meat commits to bringing the community international source of delicious meat with leading premium quality, ensuring safety and healthy by our own respect, love, and responsibility for human life and society.

"Leading premium quality" is the mission and strategic guideline for competition and branding strategy to become a symbol of the community's belief in the international quality products and leading quality services.




thit bo nhap khau La Maison


La Maison International Fine Meat is honored to serve customers. 

FREE HOTLINE (HCMC): 1800 6846 to order and get free advice.



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