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Fish John Dory – French Recipe. John Dory filet w/ its cauliflower puree. Serve it immediately with the cauliflower puree.
Lemon Sole - Meuniere-style Sole. Recipe really easy. Serve immediately – With the potato – Pour the hot butter on fishes
Pork Loin bon in – French Recipe. One Black Iron Pot – Shop yours at La Maison Shop
Pork Collar – French Recipe
Pork Collar – French Recipe. Serve it immediately with some rice or some potatoes.  
Pork Belly – French Recipe
Pork Belly – French Recipe. Loin Boneless with its Mustard Sauce
Veal Tenderloin – French Recipe
Veal Tenderloin – French Recipe. This piece of meat required all your attention during the cook. The cook of the tenderloin needs to be quick in order to keep its tender flesh.
Veal Striploin – French Recipe
Veal Striploin – French Recipe. Take out of the fridge the meat one hour before you cook it
Veal Flank Steak – French Recipe
Veal Flank Steak – French Recipe. Time to prepare: 15 Minutes, Time of cook: 1 hour, Rest: 10 Minutes, Level of recipe: Easy
Beef Tenderloin – French Recipe
Beef Tenderloin – French Recipe.  Take out of the fridge the meat one hour before you cook it
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